Bathroom horror story

May 25, 2009 at 12:01 PM

TOKYO, May 25 (UPI) -- A Japanese paper company said it has a new pattern for its toilet paper line -- a horror novel by acclaimed writer Koji Suzuki.

Takaki Hayashi, vice president of Hayashi Paper Corp., said the story, titled "Drop," is set in a public restroom and concerns an evil spirit that lives within a toilet bowl, Britain's The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

"I've read the story and it's very scary," he said.

Suzuki, whose previous novels "Ring" and "Dark Water" have been adapted into films in both Japan and the United States, wrote "Drop" to span nine chapters -- or about 33.9 inches of toilet paper. The novel repeats until the roll reaches its end.

Each roll sells for $2.35.

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