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March 18, 2009 at 6:00 AM

'Little Houdini' back behind bars

BARTOW, Fla., March 17 (UPI) -- A southern outlaw known for exploits like escaping from chains in the parking lot of a Waffle House in Tennessee is being handled with extra precautions.

Christopher Daniel Gay, nicknamed "Little Houdini" because of his success getting out of custody, was arrested Monday in Florida, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Authorities in Florida say he stole a tractor-trailer rig and used it to steal a front-end loader.

"He is being treated as an escape risk. He is in isolation," said Carrie Eleazer, spokeswoman for the sheriff's office in Polk County, Fla.

Gay had been a fugitive since March 3, when he was being transported from Florida to Tennessee. He managed to get out of handcuffs and restraints at the Waffle House near Kenesaw State University in Georgia.

Gay became the subject of a country western song after a 2007 escape. He got away from two police officers at a rest stop in South Carolina and allegedly drove to Manchester, Tenn., in a stolen pickup.

Investigators say he then stole a loaded Wal-Mart tractor-trailer truck and headed for his mother's house, where she was dying of cancer. He was intercepted when he arrived there.

And now AIG means ...?

WASHINGTON, March 17 (UPI) -- The flap over bonuses at AIG, the broke and bailed-out insurance giant, has spawned a new U.S. parlor game -- coming up with names for the initials.

"Chad" posted a request for suggestions Monday morning on the liberal blog Buzzflash.

By Tuesday, suggestions that had come in included "America's Insured Grifters," and two using "gonif," the Yiddish word for thief, "All American Gonif" and "American Insurance Gonif." Other printable entries included "All Investments Gone" and "All Integrity Gone."

From the other end of the political spectrum, a poster to Too Conservative, a blog for northern Virginia Republicans, listed some appropriate renditions -- "And It's Gone," "Ain't I Greedy," "All Investments Gone" and "Avarice Insolence Graft." This would suggest that AIG is the one thing bringing liberals and conservatives together.

On Huffingtonpost.com, the Web site founded by conservative-turned-liberal Arianna Huffington, Robert S. McIlvaine suggested "America Is Gullible."

In fact, AIG stands for the plain-vanilla American International Group. A source close to the company told ABC News that "everyone gets that this doesn't look good."

Arrest foiled -- suspect already detained

LONDON, March 17 (UPI) -- A planned public arrest carried out by London's Metropolitan Police commissioner was foiled when it was discovered the suspect was already in custody.

Commissioner Paul Stephenson said he led an early morning raid on the suspected location of a man believed to be the handler of a major burglary ring, but officers busted down the door only to find no sign of their target, The Times of London reported Tuesday. A small number of reporters and photographers had been on hand to witness the arrest.

Stephenson said he later discovered that the suspect had been arrested earlier in the morning after reports of a house break-in.

"That's policing," Stephenson said. "This was the culmination of a long-running operation which has seen a number of people arrested. This was all about catching villains and making people feel safer in their homes. The operation was very professional. The suspect was not there but that's the nature of police work."

However, he said the raid was not a total waste -- two women were detained and police seized $21,000 cash and an Aston Martin DB7 that had been parked in the house's driveway.

Briton needs English test for Aussie job

SYDNEY, March 17 (UPI) -- A British woman who moved to Australia last year said officials told her she needs to take an English language test before she can work as a nurse.

Julie Dutton, who moved to Sydney last year with her Australian husband, said she applied to have her British nursing qualifications recognized in New South Wales and was told by government workers that she could not apply to work as a nurse because she had not passed a test proving that she can speak English, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

"I was told the application could not be processed because I had not taken the English language exam and now I have to wait until June before I can apply again and when I will be able to take the test to prove I can speak English," Dutton said. "I didn't even know that you needed an English language test and I said: 'Are you sure? I am from England, I was educated in the U.K. and I have worked in the U.K. I speak fluent English."

"And they said: 'There are no exemptions from this now as of the 1st of January,'" she said.

New South Wales Premier Nathan Rees said Monday that the situation "sounds absurd" and promised to investigate Dutton's case.

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