College's skimpy clothes controversial

Nov. 13, 2008 at 8:50 PM

BOSTON, Nov. 13 (UPI) -- Boston College officials have raised controversy with their decision to allow Victoria's Secret stores to sell merchandise bearing the Catholic school's name.

Jack Dunn, a spokesman for the college, said officials were "very selective" when they decided to let the store sell the items, but he said he was not aware the store was selling skimpy short-shorts with the Boston College logo, WCVB-TV, Boston, reported Thursday.

C.J. Doyle, a Boston College alum and head of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, said allowing the store to sell the shorts and tank tops with the school's logo "is just one more example of the university's callous contempt for Catholic sensibilities and its complete indifference to what remains of its Catholic identity."

Meanwhile, on campus, Women's Studies Center director Sharlene Hesse-Biber said she does not want the clothing items to be interpreted as the college endorsing "the sexualization of women."

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