Facebook content endangers Fla. teachers

June 7, 2008 at 6:05 PM

BOCA RATON, Fla., June 7 (UPI) -- Several teachers in Palm Beach County, Fla., may soon lose their jobs for allegedly posting questionable materials on the Web site Facebook.com, officials say.

State Deputy Chancellor for Educator Quality Pamela Stewart said each of the teachers could lose their teaching certification for allegedly posting materials on the social networking Web site that their students could potentially access, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported last Sunday.

"We could think of it similarly to taking an ad out in a newspaper. If we're going to do something about that, we'll do something about it on a social network," Stewart said. "They certainly are public figures."

The newspaper said among the alleged violations on the Web site were profanities on the Facebook page of elementary school music teacher Dennys Fradera and butt-spanking photographs on kindergarten teacher Meghan Buckley's page.

Buckley, who has since removed her profile, told the Sun-Sentinel she regretted her postings.

"I would never want anyone I care about, especially my kids who look up to me, to ever see me doing those things," she said.

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