Chinese eatery specializes in penis

April 27, 2008 at 5:33 PM

BEIJING, April 27 (UPI) -- A restaurant in China is trying to lure in male customers seeking increased sexual potency be serving a variety of animal penis dishes, one waitress says.

The 20-year-old waitress, identified only as Lucy, said the Guolizhuang Restaurant in Beijing was selling culinary items filled with animal penises and testicles based on ancient Chinese beliefs, Der Spiegel reported Friday.

"For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has used animal penises to cure kidney and erection problems," Lucy said. "But if you want something that works faster, we have a wine that contains extracts of heart, penis and blood from a deer," she added. "That has an effect within 30 minutes."

Guolizhuang manager Chen Jianguo told Der Spiegel that items range from star-shaped ox penises to specialty items such as tiger penises. To earn the right to eat the genitalia from such endangered species, one must first apply for a special membership card and be ready to pay handsomely.

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