No limos at this prom

March 21, 2007 at 11:33 AM

LEXINGTON, Mass., March 21 (UPI) -- High school students in Lexington, Mass., will be taking the bus to the prom and they're not all happy about it.

"Who takes a bus to the prom, honestly?" junior Allie McDonald griped to the Boston Globe. "You're supposed to have a limo."

Administrators at Lexington High School mandated the new transportation out of concern about drinking and drug use on prom night.

"We as a community, Lexington, need to do more to address drugs and alcohol abuse, and the dangers it presents to students," Principal Michael Jones told the Globe. "We have an ongoing problem with students drinking before or during dances. It's a game students play with us."

Students have organized an e-mail petition objecting to the new policy, the newspaper said.

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