103-inch TV screen is a really big show

Dec. 6, 2006 at 8:10 PM

LONDON, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- There's big-screen and really big-screen television, like the world's largest plasma screen on sale for $99,000 in London.

Panasonic's new television is 103 inches wide -- 8 feet, 7 inches -- and weighs about a quarter of a ton, Sky News said Wednesday.

Delivery and installation cost $9,800 extra, and if you want to order one of these babies for this Christmas -- you're too late.

The screens must be ordered from Panasonic's factory in Japan and there's a three-month waiting list, a store spokesman said.

Commenting on the television screen on display at John Lewis, spokesman John Kempner said: "It's really there as a statement to show off what plasma technology can do and to say, 'This is the ultimate.'"

The Panasonic breaks the former record for a television screen by one inch.

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