Mongolian man be be world's tallest

July 9, 2005 at 11:59 PM

CHIFENG, Mongolia, July 9 (UPI) -- A Mongolian man may have broken the record for the world's tallest living man at 7 feet, 8.95 inches.

Doctors say Xi Shun did not have exceptionally tall parents, and his height is natural -- not the result of a condition such as giantism or acromegaly, caused by too much growth hormone, Sky News reported.

He is set to be entered into the Guinness World Records. The 54-year-old man was certified as the new height title-holder after being measured by Guinness officials six times at Inner Mongolia's Chifeng City Hospital.

"Reaching this height naturally is getting close to the extremes of human existence," said Guinness World Records editor Craig Glenday.

Still, Xi Shun has a way to go before he threatens Robert Wadlow's record as the tallest man ever. Wadlow -- who died at 22 in 1940 -- measured 8 feet, 11.1 inches.

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