How about a shot of lip balm?

June 29, 2005 at 7:35 PM

DES MOINES, Iowa, June 29 (UPI) -- A Cedar Rapids, lowa, company is marketing non-alcoholic booze-flavored lip balm that's a long way from a traditional ChapStick.

Raining Rose, a maker of natural body-care products, says its rum, vodka and fruit-flavored lip balm is not intended for children -- although a psychologist warns advertising of brands like Malibu rum and Smirnoff vodka does have an impact on children.

Chuck Hammond, a co-owner of Raining Rose, told the Des Moines Register the flavored lip balm, which features brand logos on the packaging, was given away in bars and handed out to college students during spring break.

The booze-flavored lip balm may be alcohol-free but critics worry some users will develop a taste for the real thing.

"Alcohol is an acquired taste," said Douglas Gentile, a University of Iowa psychology professor.

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