No matter what, he's still dead

Aug. 13, 2003 at 11:14 AM

NEW YORK, Aug. 13 (UPI) -- The phrase "rest in peace" can never be applied to baseball Hall-of-Famer Ted Williams, Sports Illustrated suggested Wednesday.

Since his death in July 2002, the head of Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams has been shaved, drilled with holes, cracked at least 10 times and stuffed into a steel can by cryogenic surgeons, the latest issue of Sports Illustrated reports.

On top of that, the magazine says, Alcor Life Extension Foundation of Arizona has lost eight of Williams' 182 DNA samples. And Williams hasn't had much privacy in his bizarre afterlife -- people snapped photos during Williams' cryogenic decapitation, the magazine said.

The New York Daily News reported in February the remains of the last player to hit .400 were being stored in huge cylinders under conditions a close friend called "absolutely horrifying."

Since Williams' death, John Henry Williams has feuded over the remains with his half-sister, Bobby-Jo Ferrell.

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