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David Duchovny

David Duchovny
LAP99081306 - 13 AUGUST 1999 - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: "The X-Files" star David Duchony, pictured, has filed suit in Los Angeles against 20th Century Fox, accusing the studio of violating its contract with him by failing to pay him millions of dollars in profits from the show. the suit accuses Fox of self-dealing -- selling the show at less than fair market value for re-runs on its own cable netework, FX, and TV stations which it owns and operates. The suit also accuses Fox of conspiring with "The X-Files" creator Chris Carter, and paying Carter "millions of dollars in 'hush' money" to keep duchovny in the dark about the alleged self-dealing. iw/jr/Ken Staniforth/Fox UPI
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