Robert Fishbone, owner of On The Wall Productions, uses a ladder to inspect an eight-foot-five-inch scream inflatable doll at his business in University City, Mo on August 24, 2004. Fishbone, who has been making the doll in varoius sizes for 14 years, says business has picked up since the painting "The Scream," located in the Munch Museam in Oslo was taken on August 22, 2004. Armed robbers pulled the Edvard Munch painting "The Scream," from the walls of the Museum and escaped in broad daylight. Masked thieves also stole Munch's "Madonna," which shows a bare-breasted woman with flowing black hair. Witnesses say the men were dressed in black and threatened guards with guns as they ran to their get-a-way car with the paintings. "The Scream," first painted in 1893 is one of four versions created. Ten years ago the best-known version was stolen from Oslo's National Art Museum but was recovered three months later. (UPI Photo/Bill Greenblatt)
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