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Ring-wing protesters confronted Left-wing Israelis holding a rally in support of a Palestinian state. The rally was held outside the Israeli Hall of Independence where Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion read Israel's declaration of independence.
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President Barack Obama met with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for an online town hall meeting on Wednesday, running through standard talking points, but it was streamed on the Internet!
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Activists from Oceana held a rally in Washington, DC on April 20, 2011, to mark the one-year anniversary of the BP oil spill.
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Obama hosted a prayer breakfast at the White House for Christian leaders from across the country for a time of prayer, reflection, and celebration of Easter.
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Demonstrators protest corporate tax cuts vs. governmental budget cuts to education, health care and the environment outside a Bank Of America in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles.
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Libyan relatives and colleagues mourn the death of rebel fighter Abdelsalam Ertel in Ajdabiya, Libya. Ertel was killed on Saturday April 16 in fighting between the Libyan rebels fighters and the pro-Kadhafi forces. UPI\Tarek Alhuony.
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Leader of the Liberal opposition Michael Ignatieff greets supporters at a town hall meeting in a swing riding on a 2011 Federal Election Campaign stop in North Vancouver, British Columbia, April 17, 2011.
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Demonstrations in Syria continue despite promises by Assad to end the widely despised state of emergency rule, and implement other reforms following more than a month of unprecedented, and growing, demonstrations.
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Iranians gathered in front of the Bahrain embassy in Tehran, Iran, to protest the killing of demonstrators in Bahrain.
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A barrage of aftershocks from the March 11 disaster in Japan continue to impact the already rattled victims, while members of the Ground Self-Defense Force continue recovery efforts in Miyagi prefecture.
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France and Italy joined Britain in sending military advisers to insurgent-held eastern Libya, as Tripoli warned that foreign boots on the ground would prolong the conflict. This collection spotlights the rebels fighting against pro-Gadhafi forces.
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Algerian students clashed with police as they participate in a demonstration against the government in Algiers on April 12, 2011. Thousands of students took to the streets in protest, defying a government ban on public protest.
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President Obama makes a surprise visit to the Lincoln Memorial and shakes hands with tourists a day after budget negotiations with Congress prevented a government shutdown in Washington, DC, on 9 April, 2011.
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Member of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force's Central Readiness Force and Member of U.S. Marines "CBIRF" (Chemical Biological Incident Response Force) attend a decontamination exercise at the Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan
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Egyptian demonstrators clashed with the Egyptian military in Tahrir Square, Cairo, on April 13, 2011. Egyptian soldiers and police moved into Cairo's main square on Tuesday to end a five-day sit-in by protesters demanding civilian rule and swifter prosecution of disgraced former officials. Former Egyptian President Mubarak, 82, entered a hospital on April 12, 2011, two days after he was summoned to take part in a probe by the public prosecutor.
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An Israeli air strike targeted tunnels used to smuggle fuel into Gaza from Egypt. The strikes began shortly after an anti-tank rocket hit a bus in western Negev, critically injuring a 16-year-old Israeli boy. Five Palestinians were killed and at at least 40 were injured in the attacks.
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Actors Ed Harris and Amy Madigan were among the many to attend the rally demonstrating against Republican budget proposals which would cut off funding to Planned Parenthood, an organization which provides abortion services in addition to other women's health services like family planning and cancer screening.
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U.S. budget negotiators announced agreement late Friday on funding federal government operations, averting a government shutdown. The following collection chronicles the events leading up to the agreement.
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