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Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate wrapped up their Los Angeles visit Sunday, watching inner-city youths paint and dance and talking with veterans.
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South Sudan became the world's newest country Saturday with raucous celebrations and ceremonies in the capital, Juba. Refugees in Tel Aviv, Israel, joined in with their own parties.
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More than 200 pro-Palestinian protesters trying to reach Israel were blocked at airports in Europe after Israel asked foreign airlines to stop blacklisted travelers from boarding flights. Israeli police detained 30 activists who landed in Israel.
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Iranians held a rally in their capital of Tehran after Friday players to voice support of Islamic dress codes.
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The space shuttle Atlantis landed for the final time Thursday at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, marking the end of the 30-year U.S. space shuttle program. STS-135 was the 33rd and final flight for the Atlantis vehicle, which spent 307 days in space, orbited Earth 4,848 times and traveled 125,935,769 miles.
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High school and university students staged a "Kiss in" outside the palaces of the city courts in Conception, Chile in response to Presient Pinera's announcement on new government policies for education on July 6, 2011. Thousands of students and teachers began protesting in cities across Chile in April, demanding improvements to the education system.
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President Barack Obama hosted the very first presidential town hall on Twitter at 2 pm, with questions sent either to the site, or via the hashtag #AskObama.
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It looks as if there's almost no end in sight to the fight over the debt ceiling and just what will be done to combat the deficit in Washington, with Republican and Democratic leaders sparring against each other in Congress and in the press.
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On the final leg of their royal tour, Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, visited a Calgary Stampede preview during a government of Canada reception in Calgary, Alberta, July 7, 2011.
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After four yeas of service in the esteemed position, Robert Gates retired as the 22nd U.S. Secretary of Defense. The Armed Forces Farewell Ceremony took place at the Pentagon River Parade Field in Arlington, Virginia.
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The July 4 Senate recess has been canceled in order to keep the Senate in session to continue work on the budget and the debt ceiling negotiations.
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More than 700 business, government and non-profit leaders are participating in the two-day meeting, which is the first Clinton Global Initiative event to focus exclusively on driving job creation and economic growth in the United States. UPI/Brian Kersey
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President Barack Obama held a press conference covering a range of topics from the war in Libya, the increasingly tense negotiations on the debt ceiling and the legalization of gay marriage in New York.
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Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) (R) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) lead a press conference on increasing the debt ceiling and balancing the budget in Washington, D.C. on June 22, 2011. UPI/Kevin Dietsch
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U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a televised address on his plan to drawdown U.S. troops in Afghanistan from the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on June 22, 2011.
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Defense Secretary Robert Gates shakes hands with Japanese Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa during a media availability after a Security Consultative Committee meeting in Washington, DC, on June 18, 2011.
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The 79th annual meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors was held in Baltimore on June 18.
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Joyce Murtha and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, and her grandsons Paul and Thomas participate in a tree planting ceremony of an American Red Oak in honor of Congressman John Murtha, who passed away in February of 2010, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on June 16, 2011.
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Six volunteers from the organization Food Not Bombs were arrested for sharing free meals with the hungry in Orlando, Florida at Lake Eola Park on Wednesday, June 15th.

The city of Orlando has made more than twenty arrests since the group began sharing in the downtown public park. In 2006 an ordinance was issued by Mayor Buddy Dyer criminalizing the distribution of food to more than 24 people at a time in a public park without a permit. The city currently allows two permits per park, per year.

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the CNN sponsored debate in Manchester, New Hampshire featured former Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum, Minnesota representitive Michele Bachmann, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain of Georgia.
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