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President Barack Obama pardoned two turkeys, Abe and Honest during the annual Thanksgiving tradition in the Rose Garden at the White House in Washington, D.C. on November 25, 2015.
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After meeting with his national security team President Barack Obama said there are no credible reports of a terror plot on the United States in statement at the White House in Washington, D.C. November 25, 2015.
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President Obama honored a star-studded group of Americans with the Medal of Freedom during a ceremony at The White House in Washington, D.C. November 24, 2015.
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President Barack Obama (L) and French President Francois Hollande vowed to step up their fight against the Islamic State during a joint press conference at the White House in Washington, D.C. on November 24, 2015.
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A U.S. Capitol Police swearing-in ceremony in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on November 20, 2015.
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Men armed with guns and grenades stormed into the Radisson Blu hotel in Mali's capital on November 20 firing automatic weapons and seizing more than 100 guests and staff in a hostage-taking that left at least 22 people dead.
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Presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spoke about the widening income gap, America's high prison population and higher education while outlining his presidential agenda at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. on November 19, 2015
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Former United States Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for President of the United States Hillary Clinton called for continued airstrikes over Syria, disrupting and dismantling the terrorist group's infrastructure and hardening the United States defense against external and homegrown threats while speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations' Pratt House in New York City on November 19, 2015.
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Major monuments are shuttered and security enhanced two days after the city was struck by a series of coordinated attacks that claimed at least 120 lives. The Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
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The second Democratic Presidential debate at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa on November 14, 2015.
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At least 128 people were killed and many more wounded when gunmen opened fire inside a venue as the French capital has been the target of a series of deadly attacks.
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Captain Groberg was recognized on recognized November 12, 2015 for his courageous actions while serving during combat operations in Asadabad, Kunar Province, Afghanistan on August 8, 2012. Groberg, tackled a suicide bomber saving fellow service members while receiving serious wounds.
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The air show, which took place on November 9, 201, is a biennial event and is recognized as the premier aviation and air industry event in the Gulf and Middle East region and is one of the largest air shows in the world.
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President Barack Obama visits Arlington National Cemetery for Veteran's Day Observance .
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The fourth Republican debate at the Milwaukee Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 10, 2015. Twelve candidates are debating each other in two difference segments.
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Heavy rains continue to lash several parts of the Gaza strip, as the Middle East suffers from a second round of stormy weather in less than a month.
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The funeral for Maureen O'Hara at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia on November 9, 2015. O'Hara, 95, starred in "Miracle on 34th Street" and other classic Hollywood films.
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Millions of citizens voted in Myanmar's historic general election on November 8, 2015 which could thrust opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi's pro-democracy party into power and pull the country away from the grip of the military.
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The pipeline, which was planned to transport Canadian oil across the country to the Gulf of Mexico has been in contentions debate for years. President Obama's rejection is seen as a win for environmentalist and a job killer by pipeline supporters.
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The funeral service for the victims of the Russian airliner crash in Egypt who died at the age of 33, in St. Petersburg, Russia, November 6, 2015.
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