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The gathering took place on January 26, 2016.
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The Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin is the largest natural park (355.8 acres) for wild Siberian tigers in the world at present. There are over 500 purebred Siberian tigers, along with white tigers, lions, leopards, black pumas and Bengali tigers.
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Billed as one of the larges festivals of its kind in the world, this year's display is the largest in the festival's decade-long history, filling a park the size of 100 sports fields.
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Images of some of the East Coast's historic winter storms: snow, sleet, and all.
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With the 2016 Iowa caucuses coming up, let's take a look at past winners and their eventual electoral fate during the rest of the primaries, and beyond.
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From the nurse who survived Ebola to Ruth Bader Ginsberg and George Lucas, here's a look back at some of the most memorable hugs Obama shared during his time as President.
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The United States came in fourth place in a new ranking of the best countries in the world released by U.S. News and World Report. Scroll through this photo collection to find out which countries made the top 10.
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Candidates seeking their party's nomination for president are winning high-profile endorsements from influential community leaders and special interest groups -- way ahead of the primaries. Here's a rundown from the Democratic Party and the GOP.
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The 2016 Presidential candidates are not only politically diverse, but also come from a wide range of religious backgrounds that will no doubt influence their policymaking and voter base.
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Palestinian Marwan Shahwan, 50, displays some of his artifacts at his home, in Khan Younis in southern Gaza Strip, January 14, 2016
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The unveiling of a 122-foot-long dinosaur cast at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City on January 14, 2016. Paleontologists suggest this dinosaur, a giant herbivore that belongs to a group known as titanosaurs, weighed in at around 70 tons. The species lived in the forests of today's Patagonia about 100 to 95 million years ago and is one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered.
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A ceremony for the new year's dedication at Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, Japan, on January 7, 2016.
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The start of the 2016 Carnival season in New Orleans.
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The floor of the NYSE on New Years Eve at the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in New York City December 31, 2015.
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A newly discovered 1,500-year-old Byzantine monastery from 500 CE was unearthed by the Israeli Antiquities Authority in Rosh Ha-Ayin, near Tel Aviv, Israel in 2015. Archeologists discovered the monastery while inspecting a new building site.
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Remembering those who died in 2015.
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Photos from Emperor Akihito's 82nd birthday greeting at the East Plaza, Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan, on December 23, 2015.
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Mother, book editor, fashion icon and First Lady are a few of the many roles Jackie Kennedy had over the course of her lifetime. This collection offers a look back at her life following the 1963 assassination of her husband John F. Kennedy.
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The auction includes more than 30 vehicles spanning 70 years in automotive innovation.
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President Barack Obama's daughters Malia and Sasha Obama were 11- and 8-years-old, respectively when their father took office in 2009. The girls have grown up the spotlight and were featured in Time magazine's "25 Most Influential Teens of 2014." Here's a gallery featuring UPI's best photos of the Obama siblings during their time as first daughters.
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