French students on strike take to the streets of Paris, December 4, 2007, to protest against the "Pecress law" on education reforms adopted this summer and that grant more autonomy to universities by allowing them to seek private funding and develop closer ties with businesses. (UPI Photo/Eco Clement)
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Amnesty International activists dressed with orange detainee-like suits and white masks protest during a demonstration in Paris on January 6, 2007, in front of a replica of the Statue of Liberty, to demand that the U.S. shut down their detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. (UPI Photo/Eco Clement)
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Around 500,000 people demonstrate in Paris, Tuesday April 4, 2006, as part of a nationwide day of strikes and protests to call for the complete abrogation of the unpopular First Employment Contract (CPE). (UPI Photo/William Alix)
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A youth hurls an object at anti-riot police during a clash after violence erupted following a mass demonstration in Paris, March 18, 2006. Some 400,000 protestors took to the street to protest the implementation of the First Employment Contract (CPE) applicable to people under 26 which implies am employment contract can be terminated within the first two years without explanation. (UPI Photo/Eco Clement)
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A French student walks behind a banner during a protest march along one of Paris' main avenues April 11, 2006. Hundreds of students, emboldened by President Jacques Chirac's cave-in on the First Employment Contract (CPE), went ahead with a pre-planned demonstration in a bid to get rid of other government labor reforms. (UPI Photo/Eco Clement)
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A French student protestor wears the hat of Marianne, symbol of the French Republic, as he chants slogans in front of the blocked entrance to the Sorbonne University in Paris ON April 7, 2006. Hundreds of student staged a demonstration in fornt of the university in protest of the First Employment Contract (CPE). (UPI Photo/Eco Clement)
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Rioters scuffle with anti-riot police on Paris' Republic square Tuesday, March 28, 2006, following a march against the first job contract law, known as CPE. More than one million demonstrators poured onto France's streets, and strikers shut down the Eiffel Tower and disrupted plane, train and bus services Tuesday in the largest nationwide protests so far against a new law that will make it easier to fire young people. (UPI Photo/William Alix)
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