The Koran, the Muslim holy book, also spelled as the Quran or Qur'an, is to be treated with the utmost care and respect by those of the faith, and any treatment otherwise, particularly at the hands of U.S. religious leaders and soldiers, has drawn sharp rebukes and in some instances, violence, at the hands of members of the Muslim community.
An Egyptian protester pleads to God with a Koran in his hand during a mass rally at Cairo's iconic Tahrir Square, calling for reforms as the ruling military warned it would respond harshly to any violence by activists in Cairo, on September 9, 2011. UPI/ Mohamad Hosam
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Palestinian Muslims read the Qoran in the Omare mosque on the 14th day of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, in Gaza city on August 14, 2011. Muslims throughout the world are celebrating the holy fasting month of Ramadan, the holiest month in Islamic calendar, refraining from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual relations from dawn to dusk. UPI/Ismael Mohamad.
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Afghan men shout anti-US slogans during riots in Kabul on September 15, 2010. Hundreds of Afghans poured onto the streets of Kabul to protest against plans, canceled days ago, by a US pastor to burn copies of the Koran, officials and witnesses said. The demonstrators threw rocks at anti-riot police after the officers prevented them from marching towards the city center, an interior ministry spokesman said. UPI
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Iranians participates in a protest against Pastor Terry Jones' and his Burn a Koran Day, in Tehran, Iran on September 17, 2010. UPI/Maryam Rahmanian
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A protester holds the Koran, Islam's holy book,at Cairo's Tahrir Square on March 11, 2011 as hundreds of Egyptians demonstrated against sectarianism, following religious clashes that left at least 13 people dead. The flag is a former Libyan national flag. UPI/Mohammed Hosam
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A copy of the Muslim holy book Koran is seen amidst rubble and blood stains at a damaged house in district of Bab Amro in Homs February 9, 2012. Tanks amassed outside opposition neighborhoods in Homs as Alawite-led forces bombarded the Syrian city for the sixth day and residents expected a major push to subdue the center of revolt against President Bashar al-Assad's rule. UPI
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A member of the Palestinian security forces holds up a Koran in front of the Palestinian flag during a rally in support of the Hamas-led government on May 18, 2006, in Gaza City. Rival Hamas and Fatah factions staged massive military shows of strength as tention grows in the region. (UPI Photo/Ismael Mohamad)
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