A flashback to New Year's Eve celebrations from across the UPI archive.
WAP95123103-31DEC1995-WASHINGTON, DC, USA: President Clinton waves to the press wishing Happy New Year as he, Chelsea and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton depart the White House for New Years festivities with family friends in Hilton Head, South Carolina, December 31. UPI rv/Robert Visser
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NYP95122902-29DEC95-NEW YORK,NEW YORK,USA: Slightly hidden by trading monitors two floor clerks share a warm embrace for the New Year after the final bell ended trading on the New York Stock Exchange for December 29 and the last day of business for the calendar year of 1995.The Dow Jones closed at 5117.12 up 21.32. Analyst have rated 1995 as the best year for the Stock Market since 1928 and rated the year of 1995 as the 7th best in trading figures for all of the years. UPI ep/Ezio Petersen
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NYP95122804-28DEC95-NEW YORK,NEW YORK,USA: A electrican puts the finishing touches to the new high tech sphere that will bring in the New Year in Times Square on December 31.The new sphere, which will also provide laser effects,was unveiled to the press December 28.This is the first makeover of the steel ball in more than thirty years. UPI ep/Ezio Petersen
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OCP98021501 - BEST OF 1998 - 15 FEBRUARY 1998 - SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA: The Golden Dragon makes its appearance at the end of the Chinese New Year Parade, late February 14. Hundreds of thousands of spectators turned out in the rain to watch the parade, heralding in the year of tiger -- 4696 in the lunar calander. UPI dy/David Yee
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NYP98122206 - 22 DECEMBER 1998 - NEW YORK , NEW YORK, USA: Sang Lan, the 17 year old Chinese gymnast who was paralized in New York at the 1998 GoodWill Games is all smiles at a December 22 press conference where it was announced that she would signal the lowering of the New Years Eve ball in Times Square for 1999. iw/ep/Ezio Petersen UPI
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NYP98121801- 18 DECEMBER 1998 -NEW YORK , NEW YORK , USA: Bobby Bombardiere who works for Landmark Signs scales the 77 foot tall flag pole on top of 1 Times Square, December 18th, to install the rigging for the famous New Years Eve ball which will decend on December 31st to light the sign for the year 1999. ep/Ezio Petersen UPI
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OCP97010101 - 31 DECEMBER 1997 - SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA: Calendar pages and other papers flutter down from an office building in the financial district, December 31, as workers carry on a tradition on the last day of the year of tossing calendars from their windows to herald in the new year. UPI dy/David Yee
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