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Holding hands, President and Mrs. Reagan acknowledge greetings from welcomers as they return to the White House from Camp David May 11, 1986. (UPI PHOTO/Vicne Mannino/FILES)
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President Ronald and Mrs. Nancy Reagan with family dog Rex return to the White House June 8, 1986 after spending a weekend at Camp David. (UPI PHOTO/Larry Rubenstein/FILES)
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ORIGINAL CAPTION: President Reagan signs the 1986 Tax Reform Bill in a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House October 22, 1986. Looking on, from left, are: Jack Kemp, (R-NY); Treasury Secretary James Baker; Rep. Bill Gradison (R-OH); Chief of Staff Donald Regan; Vice president George Bush; Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole; Rep. Ray McGrath (R-NY); Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL); Rep. Frank Guarini (D-NJ); Sen. Russell Long (D-LA); and Rep. John Duncan (R-TN). (UPI PHOTO/Doug Mills/FILES)
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Police move in on demonstrators during anti-apartheid protests at the University of California in Berkeley on April 3, 1986. Nearly 100 protestors were arrested during the violent confrontations with police. (UPI Photo/Mark Downey/Files)
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Anti-Apartheid protesters are pictured on April 2, 1986 in Berkeley erecting a shantytown in front of California Hall at the University of California where more than 100 demonstartors were arrested the next day when police moved in to dismantle the shacks. The demonstrators set up the shantytown to protest the university's investments in businesses with branches in South Africa. (UPI Photo/Paul Miller/Files)
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Polcie storm barricade erected by demonstartors during anti-Apartheid protests at the University of California campus in Berkeley on April 3, 1986. More than 100 demonstrators were arrested. (UPI Photo/Lloyd Francis Jr./Files)
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Police escort a demonstrator over fallen anti-Apartheid signs to a waiting sheriff's bus in San Francisco on March 11, 1986. The demonstrators tried to stop the unloading of the Dutch cargo ship Nedlloyd Kembla of its South African cargo. There were many arrests. (UPI Photo/Paul Miller/Files)
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