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When University of California regents rejected a proposal calling for complete divestiture of investments on June 21, 1985 during a meeting at the school's San Francisco extension auditorium, this anti-Apartheid protester was retrained and ejected from the meeting by university police. The regents accepted a case-by-case plan for divestment of their stock holdings with South African companies. (UPI Photo/Pool Photo/Files)
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Anti Apartheid demonstartors, part of a group of 50 admitted by lottery, infer by their actions that little or no atention is being paid them by University of California Regents who are meeting at the U.C. Extension Building in San Francisco on June 20, 1985, to consider divestiture of the school's investments in South African-connected stocks. (UPI Photo/Bob Larson/Files)
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Demonstrator (L) avoids bull horn swung toward her by San Francisco police Captain Charles Beene as he runs down the street forcing protestors back unto the sidewalk during an anti-apartheid protest otuside buildings where Univeristy of California Regents were rejecting complete divestiture of investments in South African-related businesses on June 21, 1985. The Regents accepted a compromise plan for divestment on a case-by-case basis. (UPI Photo/Martin Jeong/Files)
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WAP0311231985: POL-UNITED STATES-JACKSON, JESSE - ABCD FILES:Washington,DC March 11, 1985 --- Civil Rights leader Jesse Jackson (C) is flanked by his sons, Jonathon and Jesse Jr. were arrested 3/11/1985 on the front steps of the South African embassy as they linked arms and sang "We Shall Overcome." --- WHC/Ron Bennett UPI/UPI
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The United States Treasury released on June 18, 1985 $24 million in construction funds for Metro to the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority. Posing with a check on Capitol Hill (L-R) are Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md., Sen. Charles Mac Mathias, R-Md., Sen. Paul Tribe, R-Va., Ralph Stanley, administrator of the urban Mass Transportation Administration, and Sen. John Warner, R-Va. (UPI Photo/Leighton Mark/Files)
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With a photo showing a space shuttle launch behind him, President Reagan addresses teachers competing to become the first private citizen in space in the East Room of the White House June 26, 1985. There are 14 semifinalists in the teacher in space program which the president established last August. The teacher chosen to go into space will fly aboard the space shuttle in 1986. Christa McAuliffe was the chosen teacher. The shuttle Challenger launched on January 28, 1986 at 11:38:00 a.m. EST. Seventy three seconds into the flight, the Challenger exploded and all aboard were killed. (UPI Photo/Vince Mannino/FILES)
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Prince Charles reads from a Chapter of Isaiah of the Old Testament Bible as he participates in the service at the Washington Cathedral on November 10, 1985. Thousands of people attended the worship service in conjunction with the visit of the British royal couple to Washington. (UPI Photo/Jim Hubbard/Files)
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