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WAP0422111971: POL-UNITED STATES-KERRY, JOHN - ABCD FILES:Washington,DC April 22, 1971 --- Senator J. William Fulbright, D-Arkansas (back to the camera), chariman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee faces a jammed committee room as his group takes testimony 4/22/1971 from John Kerry (behind microphone), one of the leaders of a week-long anti-war demonstration being conducted by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Kerry, a three-time decorated former Navy Lt./jg, made a moving plea to end the war, asking every American to consider who would be the last chosen "to die for a mistake." Many of Kerry's Vietnam veteran comrades are behind him listening to his plea. --- WHC UPI/UPI
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PULLING OUT OF SOUTH VIETNAM. Khe Sanh: S. Vietnam: Most of the air strips have been pulled out. March 25, as operations for withdrawal from Khe Sanh are well underway. US Command reported, March 30, 1971, that withdrawing troops battled attacking North Vietnamese in three clashes north, east and south of the shrinking US Base at Khe Sanh, 12 miles east of the Laotian border. Spokesmen said the North Vietnamese attacked the US troops in all three areas but would not categorize the attacks as ambushes. Photo shows image of an overturned U.S. Air Force Hyster. (UPI photo)
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Vice President Spiro T. Agnew places the presidential wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery on October 25, 1971 to mark the nation's observance of the Armistice Day. The wreath bearer is Command Sergeant Major Robert C. Chilton of Fort Reno, Oklahoma. (UPI Photo/tm/Files)
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President Nixon met with about 30 mayors at the White House on March 23, 1971 for a discussion on how the federal government can help solve the problems of cities. Shown in this photo are, LTR: Mayor Richard G. Lugar of Indianapolis, President of the National League of Cities; Nixon; Mayor James Tate, Philadelphia, President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors; Mayor Harry Haskell, Wilmington; Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro, Baltimore; and Caspar Weinberger, deputy director of the office of Executive Management and Budget. (UPI Photo/John Full/Files)
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President Nixon met for an hour and half on May 13, 1971 with prominent former government officials, many of them democrats, and won their support to fight proposals for reducing U.S. troop levels in Europe. Posing after the meeting are LTR: Secretary of State Rogers; Nixon; Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Gen. Andrew Goodpaster, NATO commander; and Gen. Alfred Gruenther. (UPI Photo/Frank Cancellare/Files)
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Fidel Castro (R) addressed students at the State Technical University in Santiago on November 29, 1971. (UPI Photo/FILE)
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Cuban Premier Fidel Castro is pictured in this November 14, 1971 file photo during a rally at the Hotel Antofagasta in northern Chile. (UPI Photo/FILE)
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