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VIETNAM WAR A wounded marine shrieks in pain, 11/12/1966 (UPI Photo).
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Suoi cat, South Vietnam: A South Korean soldier --minus his boots and helmet -- marches in with his comrades 1/20/1966 during a sweep of this area about 30 miles southeast of Saigon recently. The column was chasing a group of Viet Cong who had overrun the area the day before. (UPI photo)
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Washington: "The Flying Red Horse," of Lawrenceburg, IN, Post 239, draws laughs from the crowd during the American Legion parade on historic Pennsylvannia Ave. with a view towards the U.S. Capitol on 8/29/1966. Some 25,000 legionnaires, here for the 48th annual convention, paraded. (UPI Photo)
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Washington: Three members of an Ad Hoc Committee to Draft George Hamilton, who has been connected romantically with President Johnson's eldest daughter Lynda Bird, picket in front of the White House 7/17/1966. Hamilton, a movie star, has been exempted from the draft because he is the sole support of his mother. L to R: Kathy Fitzgerald, 20; Phil Key, 19; and Carol Sitarsky, 21. A security guard and a passer-by watch the demonstrators. (UPI Photo)
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Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali (visible at center) leads a rally of some 1600 persons through the streets of Trenton, NJ, October 17, 1975, to urge New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne to pardon former middleweight contender Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. Carter is currently serving three consecutive life sentences for a 1966 triple murder in Paterson, NJ. Key witnesses at the trial have recently recanted their testimony. (UPI Photo/Files)
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Pickets protesting the wedding of Luci Baines Johnson to Patrick Pat Nugent because the date, August 8, 1966, coincides with the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, march across the street from the White House. (UPI Photo/Files)
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Washington: President Johnson holds a televised news conference in the East Room of the White House 7/20/1966. The Chief Executive described as "deplorable and repulsiveā€ any thought of captured U.S. Airmen being tried as war criminals by North Vietnam (UPI Photo).
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