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Director Robert Benton, Jodie Foster, and director Jim Demme attend the screening of "The Beaver" which Foster directed and acted in at the Walter Reade Theater on May 4, 2011 in New York City.
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Obama started the Wounded Warrior Project’s Soldier Ride, which provides wounded soldiers an opportunity to take part in a series of national cycling events.
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The reconciliation agreement was signed between rival factions, Hamas and Fatah, in Cairo, Egypt, on May 4, 2011. The reconciliation agreement ends four years of hostile division between Hamas and Fatah and paves the way for a Palestinian general elections next year.
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Stars arrive for the 2011 Tony Awards Meet the Nominees Press Reception at the Millennium Broadway Times Square Hotel in New York on May 4, 2011.
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Whether heard from a particularly drunken end of the bar, or on a rambling Internet message board, conspiracy theories are a persistent part of our lives. From celebrity rumors gone wild to whisperings of fiendish political plots, here are ten of the most persistent conspiracy theories.
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The romantic comedy, starring Kate Hudson and John Krasinski, opens this Friday.
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Hundreds of demonstrators, including tribal elders, rallied in Benghazi and held candle light vigils to show their support for the rebels and protest against Gadhafi.
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The Prince of Wales, an advocate for environmental causes, including sustainable farming, included the Common Good City Farm in his short trip to the district.
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Speaker of the House John Boehner, along with the children of former President Gerald Ford, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger unveiled a statue of the late former President Gerald R. Ford in the U.S. Capitol Building.
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After years of searching with the assumption that bin Laden was on the run in the barren mountains along Afghanistan and Pakistan, U.S. Special Forces found him in a million dollar compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, where he had allegedly been staying comfortably for months.
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Clashes erupted between security forces and the students, leaving at least nine people injured, including three policemen.
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The Hawks beat the Bulls 103-95, bringing a sudden realization that perhaps Derrick Rose and the Bulls aren't as invincible as many of the pundits have labeled them as.
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The Mavericks defeated the Lakers 96-94 to lead the best-of-seven playoff series 1-0.
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The Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating 'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty' at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
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President Obama awarded posthumous Medals of Honor to Private First Class Henry Svehla and Anthony Kaho'ohanohano for their heroic actions during the Korean War.
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Israelis commemorate the 6 million Jews who perished under Hitler's rule on Holocaust Remembrance Day on May 2.
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Official photos released by Clarence House shows the Royal Wedding Group and couple in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace on April 29, 2011.
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After only beating the Celtics once in the regular season, the Heat turned the tables when it mattered the most, winning by a score of 99-90, led by Dwayne Wade's 38 points.
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President Obama took the opportunity to show his humorous side in discussing his birth certificate and mocking Republican opponents, most of all Donald Trump, who looked thoroughly miffed throughout the event.
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Pope Benedict XVI beatified his predecessor by proclaiming him "Blessed" in a ceremony in Rome's St Peter's Square attended by more than 1 million people.
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