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JERUSALEM, Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Twelve Palestinians were arrested Sunday during a riot against Israeli police at the Temple Mount in Old Jerusalem.

Three police officers and eight Muslim worshippers received minor injuries, spokesmen for each side said.

The rioters threw rocks and small gasoline bombs and oiled the entrance to the Temple Mount to make it difficult for police to follow several dozen young men who fled inside, Ynetnews.com reported.

Police closed the Temple Mount to Muslim worshippers and visitors to negotiate with the men inside, The Jerusalem Post reported, adding the Jewish prayer wall at the Temple remained open Sunday.

The rioters were allegedly summoned by clerics calling on Muslims to protect the Temple Mount, one of the world's most disputed religious sites.

There were reports of stones being thrown at passersby and police in other parts of Old Jerusalem Sunday, although no injuries or damage was reported.

Similar violence erupted Saturday night, but the Temple Mount remained open until the riot Sunday.

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U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, promoting children's health, swiveled her hips Wednesday and kept a hula hoop in play for 142 rotations at the White House.

She also tried a little jump rope, The Washington Post reported.

Speaking to dozens of children and parents at a Healthy Kids Fair on the White House South Lawn, Obama noted one in three American children are overweight, a condition known to lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer in later years.

The situation is so dire, she said, "medical experts are now warning that for the first time in the history of this nation, we're headed for the next generation being on track to have a shorter life span than us."

While sounding that serious warning about the need to eat healthier and exercise more, Obama acknowledged in a light-hearted way how hard it can be to give up unhealthy foods, such has her favorite: french fries. She got laughs when she said: "I love them. Dearly. Deeply.:

"I have a good relationship with french fries and I would eat them every single day if I could. I really would," she said. "But I know that if I'm eating the right things -- and I tell my girls this -- if you're getting the right foods for most of the time, then when it's time to have cake and french fries on those special occasions, then you balance it out."

Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack also pushed his department's challenge to U.S. middle and high schools to serve healthier food and provide more time for exercise and physical activity.

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For the first time in more than a quarter century, a new rocket, the Ares 1-X, has been placed on a Kennedy Space Center launch pad in Florida.

NASA said its Ares I-X flight test rocket arrived at the pad atop a giant crawler-transporter at approximately 7:45 a.m. EDT Tuesday. The crawler-transporter left Kennedy's Vehicle Assembly Building at 1:39 a.m., traveling less than 1 mph during the 4.2-mile journey. The rocket was secured on the launch pad at 9:17 a.m.

The rocket is to be launched next Tuesday at 8 a.m. on its first test flight. The Ares I is being designed to carry astronauts into space in the Orion crew exploration vehicle.

During the next week, technicians will perform a variety of electrical and mechanical checks to ready the vehicle for flight. During the test flight, data will be collected from more than 700 sensors throughout the rocket.

"With the arrival of Ares I-X at the pad, this milestone demonstrates NASA's world-class ability to conceptually design, build and process a new launch vehicle in just under four years," said Bob Ess, mission manager for Ares I-X.

Ares I-X is an uncrewed, sub-orbital development test vehicle in a modified Ares I configuration. Ares I-X is the first developmental flight test of the Constellation Program, which includes the Ares I and V rockets, Orion and the Altair lunar lander.

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