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Flu spiking, spreading in Canada

Government health officials says influenza activity spiked in Canada during the last two weeks of 2012, with increases reported in all indicators.
Doctor explains why Al Roker pooped pants

Doctor explains why Al Roker pooped pants

A Chicago surgeon said NBC-TV's broadcast personality Al Roker's revelation he pooped his pants while at the White House said it was a sort of "feedback."

Video game app promotes healthy eating

A video game app for smartphones promotes healthy eating behaviors by incorporating what kids eat into the game itself, U.S. inventors say.

Mayo Clinic ups care via medical records

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and UnitedHealth Group will form an alliance to merge medical records, officials say.

Woman gets chemo for non-existent cancer

A Swedish woman endured two years of chemotherapy before her doctors realized she did not have the tumors they were treating, officials say.
Coca-Cola starts ads involving obesity

Coca-Cola starts ads involving obesity

Coca-Cola is rolling out two ads addressing obesity, one for policymakers and one for the general public, company officials said.
'Surge plan' helps hospitals cope with flu

'Surge plan' helps hospitals cope with flu

Four New Jersey hospitals, express urgent care centers and affiliated physicians are coping with flu patients with their "surge" plan, officials say.

Boston-area colleges try to prevent flu

Boston-area colleges and universities, already hard hit by influenza, are stepping up hygiene and preventive attempts to stem the spread of flu, officials say.

Berries may reduce heart attack risk

Women who ate at least three servings of blueberries and strawberries per week had fewer heart attacks, U.S. and British researchers say.

Providing physical therapy in ICU helpful

The cost of providing physical therapy for patients in intensive care is outweighed by the savings generated by earlier discharges, U.S. researchers say.

Free play may help athletes avoid injury

Young athletes who play an organized sport had fewer injuries if they also had free play such as pickup games, U.S. researchers found

Better flu vaccines needed but costly

There is a growing consensus within the public health community that better influenza vaccines are needed, a U.S. expert says.

Calif. dodging flu, but maybe not forever

Although California is one of the three states not reporting widespread influenza, state health officials say flu is increasing there as well.

Doc suggests Christmas boosted flu spread

A Chicago internist and emergency physician suggests Christmas may have contributed to this year's earlier than normal flu season.

Only Norway has high intensity of flu

For the first week of the year, 14 countries in Europe reported low-intensity flu transmission, 11 medium intensity and Norway high intensity, officials say.

Patent on abuse-resistant drug to expire

The patent on an abuse-resistant type of OxyContin will expire in April, leading to worries that generics will flood the Kentucky market again, activists said.

Most adults don't wash hands long enough

Seventy-five percent of U.S. adults don't increase their hand-washing habits during flu season and most don't wash long enough, a survey indicates.

Flu: N.Y. declares public health emergency

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Saturday declared a public health emergency for the entire state in response to the increasingly severe flu season.

A study of 1,155 U.S. children and adults found this year's seasonal flu vaccine was 62 percent effective, a federal health official said.

Stomach flu an epidemic in France

An epidemic of stomach flu -- not related to seasonal influenza -- is sweeping France, health officials said.

NYC hospitals get new opioid guidelines

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said new guidelines prohibit city public hospital emergency departments from prescribing long-acting opioid painkillers.

Flu vaccines available but harder to find

With U.S. influenza widespread and some cities reporting crowded hospital emergency rooms, some may have to shop around for a flu shot, officials say.

Seasonal affective disorder, winter blues?

Winter blues, feeling sad blue around the winter holidays, is not seasonal affective disorder, which interferes with daily functioning, U.S. researchers say.

Humidity cause for influenza peak?

Influenza peaks in winter in temperate zones and U.S. researchers suggest it may not be the heat but the humidity that is the cause.
Flu in 47 states but a drop in some states

Flu in 47 states but a drop in some states

Influenza activity remained elevated in parts of the United States last week but decreased in other areas, health officials said Friday.
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