British women may wear the highest heels

Aug. 21, 2012 at 2:08 AM

LONDON, Aug. 21 (UPI) -- British women wear an average heel height of 3.3 inches, but one-quarter admitted they often wear shoes with heels as high as 6 inches, a survey indicates.

A survey in April by foot care company Compeed questioned 3,792 women in France, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Britain, and found at 3.3 inches, British women wore an average heel height higher than that worn by women in Spain at 3.2 inches, Denmark at 3 inches, Germany at 2.7 inches and France at 2.4 inches.

"Research has suggested that a tall woman is considered more assertive, confident, richer, capable, successful, independent and even more intelligent than their shorter peers," psychologist Emma Kenny said in a statement. "Perception is incredibly powerful and it makes sense that the feedback we receive from the way we are treated by others will reinforce our choices. The British woman is an ambitious breed, and if putting on a pair of 6-inch heels increases their career prospects, rightly or wrongly, the savvy individual will do so."

All that glamour takes a toll on the tootsies -- 50 percent of women confessed although they were happy to suffer terrible pain from wearing really high heels, the pain might be as bad as that of a toothache or earache.

No margin of error was provided.

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