Gosling says 'Bones' better with Wahlberg

Oct. 29, 2007 at 12:46 PM

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 29 (UPI) -- Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling says he thinks Mark Wahlberg will be a good replacement for him in the upcoming film version of the novel, "The Lovely Bones."

While published reports have said Gosling left Peter Jackson's production because of creative differences, a source told Us magazine the 26-year-old actor "was fired" because "(Gosling) just gained too much weight."

"He ate grilled cheese every day," said a second insider, adding: "He drove the hair and wardrobe crew crazy."

Gosling, who told reporters last month that "The Lovely Bones" "is a totally unique story," said of his departure from the production, "The film is much better off with Mark Wahlberg in that role."

The book is about a 14-year-old girl who is raped and murdered, then watches her family and killer from heaven.

Wahlberg, 36, takes over the role of the girl's grieving father.

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