Smiths detection cargo screener to be used in Philippines

A Philippine freight company has ordered a Smiths Detection cargo screener for use at Manila International Airport.
By Richard Tomkins   |   April 1, 2014 at 1:57 PM

An inspection portal for scanning aircraft cargo at a main airport in the Philippines is to be provided and installed by Smiths Detection.

The new CIP-300 Car Inspection Portal will scan incoming and outgoing cargo on trolleys at Manila International Airport’s Terminal 3 for hidden weapons, explosives, drugs or other contraband, and stowaways.

The contract for the system was given by Philippine company Cargohaus, a freight handling and warehousing company. The value of the contract, however was not disclosed.

Smiths Detection said its CIP-300 is powered by a low-energy X-ray source and uses advanced material discrimination software to provide high-quality images that reveal the contents of freight and baggage. Its compact and simple configuration offers an adaptable system that can be used in a range of operational areas.

“Smiths Detection is always seeking the best and most appropriate systems to scan different kinds of vehicles both for security and customs duty avoidance,” said Nathan Manzi, Smiths Detection’s Asia Pacific vice president. “This order underlines how easily the CIP-300 is customized and we are confident airports and security checkpoints in Asia Pacific and across the world will soon realize its full potential.”

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