Inmarsat offers new tactical communications

July 12, 2013 at 3:38 PM

LONDON, July 12 (UPI) -- Mobile satellite communications company Inmarsat said it has successfully demonstrated its new tactical communications system for use on moving vehicles.

The L-Tac service gives troops and other approved users a low-cost tactical UHF satellite capability using existing HF tactical radios.

"We have successfully demonstrated robust L-TAC communications from vehicles at speeds up to 70 mph," said Andy Start, president of Inmarsat Global Government. "This will have huge military utility, for example coordinating logistic convoys moving over long distances or for command and control of widely dispersed vehicle patrols maneuvering in difficult terrain.

"Our small, lightweight man-pack version offers the same comms-on-the-move capability to dismounted soldiers. This is a real game-changing capability. Convoys and patrols won't have to pause while using their TACSAT (tactical satellite), and that means improved tempo and less time spent vulnerable to attack."

Inmarsat said its L-band service uses smaller antennas than the UHF equivalent. The antennas are inexpensive and omni-directional.

L-Tac is available for order this month.

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