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Often times people find themselves in a multiple offer situation, whether it's the time of year, a very desirable home or an appealing listing price. How can you increase your chances of winning against competing home buyers?
In Part I, suggestions were provided for selling your home in a difficult market. In Part II, we will take a look at dealing with the results of adjustable rate mortgages.
So, you want or need to sell your home. You've been watching home prices fall over the course of the last year and the pace seems to be increasing. You know that there are a lot of homes on the market and that buyers have a lot of bargaining power.
When buying a home, you'll need to consider how much cold, hard cash you'll need to cover the down payment as well as closing costs. Closing costs are fees associated with a home purchase that are paid at closing.*
As we rapidly progress toward tax time, April 15, in an atmosphere of economic doom and gloom, there are still some positive situations from which a homeowner can benefit in dealing with homeownership. This article offers a variety of suggestions on tax deductions for homeowners over the 2008 and 2009 tax seasons.