Iran-Contra Case, and the Enligh Channel Opened

Published: 1994
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Announcer: The Iran-Contra probe closed with the prosecutors stating flatly that President Reagan was in on it. The year also saw the arrest of Aldrich Ames as a Russian mole. CIA Director James Woolsey said Ames blew countless operations and caused agents to die.

Unknown Speaker: “This is extremely serious case.”

Announcer: A serious earthquake hit southern California.

Unknown Speaker: “Magnitude was 6.6 on the Richter Scale. The location is about 20 miles south-west of San Fernando.”

Unknown Speaker: “Yeah, I've got the same effect, man…it's a big one.”

Announcer: Part of a Maine super highway fell down in the quake.

Unknown Speaker: “I just thank God that we are all here.”

Announcer: A major quake in Bolivia set off mud slides.

Unknown Speaker: “The problem has been complicated by an earthen dam that broke.”

Announcer: Pneumonic plague struck India. A Baltic ferry sank killing a thousand. A Siberian plane crash killed 121, one in China killed 160.

US Air had a commuter flight in north Carolina in July.

Unknown Speaker: “When I got there, it was on fire, the whole roof was on fire, the plane was on fire and there were many people there.”

Announcer: And another outside of Pittsburgh in September.

Unknown Speaker: “The aircraft had indeed crashed, there are no survivors.”

Announcer: American Airlines commuter subsidiary American Eagle also had two crashes.

Unknown Speaker: “It just went down like on 45 degree angle and I've seen a bunch of smoke, steam or something.“

Announcer: The train tunnel beneath the English Channel opened in 1994, connecting Britain with Europe for the first time since the Ice Age. The Channel Tunnel, or Chunnel had a wreck on one of its first ceremonial runs.

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