Presidential Health Concerns

Published: 1965
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Hubert Humphrey. Photographed in Moscow on 11/27/72..

Announcer: Great pains were taken to ease the shock of the announcement. But still the nation and the world worried when presidential spokesman Bill Moyers announced...

Bill Moyers: "The doctors recommended that the gallbladder be removed. The President therefore will enter Bethesda Naval Hospital Thursday night, for surgery Friday."

Pie Chamberlain: The operation was a complete success but there were several hours of uncertainty during which Vice-President Humphrey was in-charge. What kind of a day was it for him?

Hubert Humphrey: "I think everything has gone very well, Sir."

Unknown Speaker: "How would you describe your day, Sir?"

Hubert Humphrey: "Just an ordinarily busy day, just as we generally we have."

Pie Chamberlain: Despite the success of the removal of the President's gallbladder and a kidney stone it took the Chief Executive the rest of the year to recover. He spent almost two months at his Texas ranch.

As Mr. Johnson regained his strength there the nation was shocked to hear that Former President Eisenhower was seriously ill. He suffered a third heart attack. But he was recovering quickly and he promised to be back on the golf course soon.

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